Welcome to Phuket Dental Center in
Phuket, Thailand.

   Phuket is one of the the most famous and top resort destinations for visitors around the world. Also, Thai dentists have the recognition of being some of the best dentists in the world. Many visitors have planned their dental work, combined with their holiday, as the reason to come to Thailand.

   Next time, if you plan to have a holiday in Phuket and would like to have nice teeth, an attractive smile with big savings, you should visit our dental center for dental check-up and have some dental work done with us.
   You will feel comfortable and relaxed here, because dental treatment will be done by Dr.Prasert Theplaong, the owner, who has had more than 12 years experience in dental services. You will not only feel relaxed but totally pain free while you are here. Our dental equipment is sterilized in autoclave machines for perfect hygene.

Phuket Dental Center
371/95 Yaowarat Rd., Phuket Town, Phuket 83000,Thailand
Tel: 66-76-255336 Email: info@phuketdentalcenter.com
  LINE ID: phuketdentalcenter

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